About Me

On the off chance that there was a single word to portray Princess Abiye Tobin-Spiff, it would be ‘multi-skilled’ – she is a performing artist, an artist, a radio moderator and motion picture maker.

Born in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria – like most youthful performing specialists, she discovered the acting bug while at Harbour Girls Secondary School, it was from she learned about drama and enrolled at the prestigious Middlesex University, London to and graduated with a BA in Theatre and Performing Arts, in 2011.

With a passion for acting, Princess knew from an extremely youthful age experiencing childhood in Nigeria, she knew this was her way; however when you realize what guardians resemble about being a performer.

“I settled on my own to select for a degree course in theatre and performing expressions when I have attempted different things just to satisfy my mum; they never filled in, as I never finished them. In all actuality, it does not pay the bills, so you are compelled to take up a vocation to support you and your family, yet saying that am trusting that will change as the business is grabbing in the UK as far as a conveyance.”

Like most actors/actresses, she encountered the difficulties, as dependably is the way that most generations do not have a financial plan and paying bills, whilst having a dream and an enthusiasm for your art.

Since 2006 she has acting various programmes on Ben Television (sky station 182 and other sky stations in a week by week TV arrangement called EVERYDAY LIFE where she played one of the lead character, it has been a long trip. Her recommendation to those leaving on this trip is it is not a simple street, it requires some serious energy and persistence to see the advantage straight away, yet the thing that you truly have enthusiasm for, proceed, yet have a moment occupation that will prop you up until you understand that enormous break.

534711_10151133243437316_726980492_n-jpg-nggid043442-ngg0dyn-200x200x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010With her film projects predominantly in the United Kingdom, she teamed up with fellow Nigerian performing artist and aspiring film director Emmanuel Olabode to produce her first film called Saving Grace in which she played Grace the principle character with her 6-year-old daughter Eliza Okusanya, in a motion picture coordinated by Emmanuel Olabode and shot in London.

Princess Abiye was nominated for Zafaa Award in 2015 as Best Actress and Best Producer in the film Saving Grace. The year before she was nominated in Zafaa and Baftaa Award 2014 as Best Upcoming performer UK for the Soul movie.

Future plans include a project in Nigeria with Joseline Dumas, Joseph Benjamin, and Mr Mckenzie is still on after generation so pay special mind to it.

Princess highlighted in AMINA an element film Produced by Christian Ashaiku where she assumed the part of mum to Omotola Jalade see YouTube for trailer, motion picture to be released in late 2016.

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